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On Matters of Communication and Privacy

Yes, I am present on several different social media networks. Because each one is different, I tend to regard each one as its own entity and restrain myself from crossing the streams to any significant degree.

Twitter is pretty much out there for anybody who wants to read it. If you're not a spambot, knock yourself out.

Facebook is for people I actually know. Some I know more distantly than others, so I conduct myself accordingly.

LiveJournal is something between the two, as the public posts are out there for all the world to see and the locked and filtered entries are for those I feel I can expose flesh and bone to and not be punished for it.

It has come to my attention that LJ has now added features whereby posts and comments can be cross-posted to Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, it comes with a security flaw so that comments to locked entries can be cross-posted, even if the journal's owner would rather keep them private.


Until this security breach has been repaired, this is my official notice that I DO NOT want any comments to LOCKED entries to be cross-posted anywhere. Unlocked entries are fine, if you really want to, but please be careful if you do. Thanks.

Today I took pleasure in a comfortable dress I haven't worn in a while.

Today I learned that the dress still fits.