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Another Reason My iPhone 4 is Awesome

Folders. For Apps. Before this, I was rearranging my app screens so all the music stuff was in one row, all the social media stuff was in another row, etc., so I could get to things that were related fairly easily. Now I just drag apps on top of each other to form wee sub-app buttons that allow me to toss things in buckets instead of rearranging rows when I get a new app.

Now that my "Productivity" apps are all happily lined up in a folder, I've started using the things again. Once again, I'm experimenting with giving myself ten things that I have to do every day. (Blogging is one of them. Hello.) I'm also gradually adding in once-a-week things like cleaning the bathroom and taking out the recyclables, so that instead of waiting for that magic moment When I Feel Like It, I am poked into action because The iPhone Hath Decreed It.

I'm trying not to overload myself too much, though, lest I wind up headed for the crash detailed in Hyperbole and a Half's This is Why I'll Never be an Adult (from whence the icon of this entry is swiped.) The long term plan is, however, to get in the habit of writing things down and scheduling myself into doing them more frequently, since the I'll Just Wait Until It Feels Right technique has been a bit spotty in its effectiveness.

And that said, I have to go work on the next item on the list.

Today I took pleasure in a clean floor.

Today I learned Hyperbole and a Half has a new entry up! Woo!