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So today I got an email from Kaba Group:

Dear Sheila

We can confirm that Kaba Group has no knowledge of the offers made to you as referred in your email below. Therefore, we can only conclude that the said offer is indeed a scam. Please read more on this on our Website http://www.kaba.com/en/108122-158338/notice-job-offer-scam.html

Kaba has notified the appropriate authorities but you may wish to notify them yourself.

Best regards

Daniela Schöchlin
Project Manager Corporate Communication

They now have a link to it on their front page, too. Heh.

But while I was waiting for that reply, I stumbled on a whole new scamorama listing.

The listing is still up for now, but maybe enough spam flags will take it down, so here's the text:

Organized Receptionist
Hiring new receptionist at our bottling center in Atlanta, GA. New receptionist will need to be highly motivated, organized and a terrific communicator. He or she may be supporting different departments with day-to-day operations, and while also ensuring that the communication among numerous departments within our office is smooth and integrated. As such, communication abilities are paramount.


College graduate.
Past experience in HR a big plus.
Should be organized and be able to perform admin tasks.

If the above qualities describe you as an employee, and as a person you are upstanding and productive, please send us your application via email--make sure to include a cover letter along with your resume.

It's a sad situation indeed when the promise of $15 an hour is not a sign of encouragement but a flag that it may be Too Good To Be True. Nevertheless, I dutifully sent off resume and cover letter and eventually got this response:

Good news!

We've decided we'd love for you to come in for an interview. We think you'd be great for the position we have available.

However, our company policy requires us to run credit and background checks for all new employees. This policy is a result of past problems we've had with other employees hired through craigslist.

While the background check can be done in person, during the interview, the credit check can be done at your own leisure. We will REQUIRE the verification # of your credit check to schedule you for an interview. You will NOT need to send us any personal information. Simply send us the verification # and we can set a time slot for you to come in.

Click here to obtain the free credit report. All information is completely confidential. Once we confirm the verification number we can schedule your interview.

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have. We are looking to hire as soon as possible, and interviews will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Louis A. Sutton, President & Founder
Sunderland Bottling, Co.

No, I didn't even THINK of clicking there, thank you very much. I did check out the Sunderland Bottling site and to my surprise there was actually something there besides a Google site under construction. Have a look for yourself.

It's sort of endearing, really, like watching a five-year-old tell you about the time he killed a DRAGON with a SPACESHIP and then they all had ice cream, and he's completely sincere about it. Or maybe, less endearingly, like listening to the latest fabrication by a known pathological liar and wondering if she even notices that nobody believes her anymore. Because I'm sure a beverage company that's been around since early 1996 would be using a WordPress site with a demo theme and not have a single photograph of the actual product anywhere to be found. Or, ya know, a logo? Something? No, I guess they figure it's better to just describe it in words:

Our sturdy, distinctive blue-tinted bottles make an immediate positive impression. Our ‘Distinctive’ labels feature the trademark “S” logo and a pink ribbon with a lavender shadow, representing our ongoing initiatives to help fight cancer.

Since their "Contact Us" page was still under construction for some reason, I decided to send back a simple question to Mr. Sutton:

Dear Mr. Sutton--

Thank you for your reply. Before I submit myself for a credit check, could you please specify where your office is located? Is it MARTA accessible?

After all, I wouldn't want to go to all the trouble for a commute to Cumming, you know.

Strangely, he doesn't seem to have gotten back to me.

Cripes, I could almost start a whole other blog about this sort of nonsense.

Today I took pleasure in looking at the shiny things on my windowsill.

Today I learned that Kaba Group is indeed aware that their good name is being besmirched by scammers.