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Yeah, I'm still here . . .

So the past couple of days have been interesting enough to merit an LJ entry, methinks.

Memorial Day was spent volunteering as an extra for a video for Blair Crimmins and the Hookers. I didn't have much in the way of 30's style clothing appropriate for a speakeasy (the setting of the scene) but fortunately they had enough dresses and shoes to go around so I spent about two hours waiting for hair and makeup and then another couple of hours waiting to be put somewhere on the set. Extra work involves a lot of waiting, as it turns out. I was in about three or four scenes and as the evening progressed I decided to play up the speakeasy aspect and pretend to be stumblingly, laughingly drunk, since I was tired enough that it wouldn't take much effort to fake it. I stayed past ten o'clock and made it all the way to the martini shot.

Today I did a phone interview with a solo bankruptcy practitioner who needs a new support person. The call was about twenty minutes late because the lawyer had to deal with a client, but I took it in stride and did the interview and emailed references. We'll see what comes of it. Worst thing they could do is hire me.

I also spent today trundling down to the Bank of America branch over by my parent's house to take care of a rather significant transaction--completely closing my accounts. I'd been contemplating for some time moving everything over to the credit union where I got my original home loan and still maintained a small deposit. Then Bank of America sent me a notice that they were no longer going to provide the basic checking account and I'd be charged nine bucks a month for them to hold on to some approximation of what I had. That pretty much tore it.

They let me go with surprisingly little resistance. I suppose I wasn't the kind of customer they wanted in the first place. The gentleman I spoke to did ask why and my simple explanation was that "This was not the bank I signed up for." He nodded and wrote on the form on his desk Bank has changed.

I thought it fit that I would close my accounts in the same place that I opened them, back in 1981 when it was a branch of Citizens and Southern and an eleven-year-old kid could open an account with thirty-five bucks and her mom's signature. He noted the date and asked if there had been any problems in my thirty years as a customer. I told him that things started to go bad way back when it became NationsBank and I had to deal with a boatload of hassle to have access to my own money, since it had been established as a custodial account and the rules under the new regime were far less flexible in such cases. I suspect a lot of folks have dealt with that, having their wee regional banks be swallowed up by larger national banks that only see numbers and can't see the people those numbers belong to.

I was handed a cashier's check and I went up the street to the Emory Alliance Credit Union to set up a checking account with them. Some of my information was in need of updating, since the account had been established while I was still house-hunting and I was operating under my parent's address. I also needed to re-establish my online access, since it had expired from lack of use, but starting all over again was a much faster process than the first time I'd signed up. I hooked it all up to Mint and I'm waiting to get my PayPal account verified so I can move money around that way.

And, yeah, it might wind up being a little more hassle getting checks deposited and such, but I think the trade-off will be worth it, especially in this financial climate.

Today I took pleasure in removing high heeled shoes and putting my Chinese flats back on.

Today I learned what it takes to close bank accounts and open a new account at a credit union.