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So. I got it in my head that I should really re-read The Lord of the Rings because I've had a one-volume copy that I picked up on swap.com and never actually sat down and read. I keep getting all choked up at odd bits and needing to set the book aside and sniffle a bit.

I am Aragorn son of Arathorn; and if by life or death I can save you, I will.


Anyway. One thing that's been slowing my progress is the fact that I keep getting clobbered over the head with all these other ideas for a whole other book that is, funnily enough, a subversion of quite a number of quest tropes though I hope subverted in a way that still retains what it is we gain from them. We'll see if I pull it off.

The working title, which I came up with today, is Fool's Chess. I also dusted off my glass chess set, because I will undoubtedly have need of it. Right now I'm sharing a lot of headspace with a manic pixie dream, erm, being called Zinzidor (among other names) who is something like Tom Bombadil by way of Chuz, Lord of Madness with a side order of Pippi Longstocking. Zin also hops back and forth between genders, making pronouns confusing and pretty much marking the work for doom in school libraries. But perhaps it will be a more enlightened age by the time it sees print. It's going to be a long time writing it, I can already tell you that and I've only just started hashing out notes for the thing.

So, er, that's what I've been up to today. Or, by the time I post this, yesterday. It's been a weird day.

Today I took pleasure in coming up for a tune for a song.

Today I learned that insomnia has not yet left me.