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Happy Easter to those what that celebrates it and Happy Sunday to everybody else!

I figured that if I was going to remind people of all the other places on the Internet that I can be found, I should probably make an effort to update those places, so here we are.

Easter Weekend isn't much to write home about (if you're Catholic, you know the drill; if you're not, you wouldn't be interested anyway) but the weekend before that I went down to Seale, Alabama for my third go-round at the Doo-Nanny. I left a day early so I could help my friend Lake get set up but her attempts to keep her 1972 Cadillac hearse running faltered a few times on the way down (plus a couple of blown-out tires for good measure) so that I arrived at two in the afternoon and Lake got there at two in the morning on the back of a tow truck.

I made twelve bucks selling drinks, gave away a handful of my ten thousand flowers and didn't sell a single piece of artwork. I've officially given up on all hope of making art as a day job (I'm going to devote my time to writing dirty books instead) so I didn't worry too much about it. I do think if I go back next year, I'll wait until Friday before I head down there--an extra day of camping only left me wanting to stab people by Saturday, which is not the best state of mind to be when trying to sell artwork at a festival.

I caught Palm Sunday Mass in Columbus, Georgia, where Catholic school students recited the Passion from memory and did a surprisingly good job of it. From there I just drove straight home to nap, shower and decompress before dinner, which was much better for me than trying to stay an extra day in hopes that somebody might wander by and buy something.

Monday I drove nails into the wall above my patio doorway and hung up all of the planets. They can stay there for now. I found that all my Etsy listings for word art had expired on April 1, so I let them lapse and only renewed the listings for the vintage things I still have. Soon after, I got another order from Australia for one of my Duran Duran calendars, which is more money in the bank than I made the whole Doo-Nanny. I can take a hint.

Tomorrow I'll be banging around and updating my LinkedIn profile (grumbling as I do so) so I can keep some professional networking options open and maybe even see if I can poke people into finding me a proper job, now that the economy is starting to stumble towards some kind of recovery. (I may also set up a file-sorting/organizing business as a stopgap while I'm looking for proper work, so if you know anybody with a lot of files who would be willing to pay me to put them back in alphabetical order, well, I'm yer gal.)

Today I took pleasure in Eggs Benedict, of course.

Today I learned that Facebook has some kind of archive option that will allow me to download all the crap I've put up there and store it somewhere secure. (Kudos to whoever pressured them into providing that.)