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Dear 1and1--

May I suggest that if you are going to automatically blacklist an IP address for accessing a given domain too many times, you should allow a given account to also have an IP whitelist, so when your paying customers take to dusting off old websites and trying to add and test new things on them they don't wind up stymied by an inability to see what the heck they're doing.

If such a feature already exists, perhaps you should mention it to the nice folks at tech support, since the only thing the woman I talked to felt safe assuring me of was the that IP address in question would be 'unblocked' very soon. When I asked what it would take to stop the address from being re-blocked, the only advice she could give me would be not to access my website too many times or fiddle around with FTP at the same time. Neither of these suggestions are very amenable to the way I operate, particularly with my preference for editing pages on the fly in TextWrangler and tweaking as I go. I'd hoped to have my pages updated and presentable by now and will now have to wait until I have been properly 'unblocked' before I can see if and how I screwed up.

Please do not make me regret my departure from Facebook. Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter.


Sheila O'Shea

EDIT: I can see my own sites now. An improvement. Still awaiting a proper apology for the inconvenience.