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A Miscellany of Updates

There's not much May left, is there? I'd better get my crap together before June hits.

The first weekend in June is officially booked with my latest niece's baptism on Saturday and Rock and Roll Monster Bash on Sunday. (For those of you on my list asking "do WHAT?" about the first item--yes, I'm an auntie again to Miss Isabelle Grace O'Shea, the second daughter of my younger brother, Patrick, and his lovely wife Carrie.) Both events should provide quite the contrast to each other.

The following weekend, I will be hosting the 21st Anniversary of my 21st birthday in the usual style. Unfortunately, pulling the plug on Facebook as abruptly as I did has left me occasionally scrambling for contact information I thought I had. The past few weekends of shows (I have a job! I can afford cover charges again!) have seen me pulling people aside to extract email addresses from them. Only one has bounced back so far and it was kind of a long shot anyway.

The next two weekends, I'll be in Italy on a family trip. The last three days of it will be spent hurled in the general direction of Venice before I fly out. I'm trying to coordinate a meet up with freecloud13 at some point, because it would be a darn shame to go all the way there and not see her after so many years of knowing her.

The last day of June has already pretty much been written off as recovery time.

Meanwhile, I have work to do at the law firm. Boy howdy, do I have work to do. I'm making an effort to pace myself, keep stress to a minimum and do the best I can with what I have and what I know. As precarious as life as a temp is, it comes with certain advantages, and one of those advantages is the ability to say, "Sure, I can work overtime, but you know it's gonna cost you, right?"

I'm poking along at a romance novel and I need to restructure the way I work on it since I decided that using the MARTA commute to get work done, while surprisingly productive, was too much strain on me to be worth it. They let me park for free at the office and I can get there faster in my own car, so I did that for a week and I may never go back to MARTA to get to this job unless my car can't get me there for whatever reason.

The only thing I want to say about Mod Boy right now is that I sent him an invite to the birthday party. We'll see if he shows. (It's a long damn drive from where he lives, so I'm not hanging too heavy a coat on that hook. Low expectations, high hopes, as azewewish would say.)

Today I took pleasure in plucking cherry tomatoes from one of my patio plants first thing in the morning.

Today I learned a few more nifty things about how to fill out immigration forms.


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May. 22nd, 2012 03:03 am (UTC)
Congrats to Patrick & Carrie!!!! \o/

Also, yaye for paying jobs & low expectations & high hopes. ;)
May. 22nd, 2012 03:45 am (UTC)
Yaye indeed! (Now I'm just hoping I don't screw things up. On both counts.)

I'll be sure to pass your good wishes on when the family gathers. :)
May. 22nd, 2012 12:48 pm (UTC)
Oh, some way or another we're going to meet!
May. 22nd, 2012 09:48 pm (UTC)
Congrats to you and your family on the new little addition! Also, Happy Birthday early and I have to say I love the idea of the Mathom Pile. That is sheer genius. Have fun in Italy!
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