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La dee dah . . .

Hooked up with my pal Angela last night. We went out for pizza and caught up on what each other's been doing. She told me about Her Future Husband (long story) and I told her about what little I've been up to (short story.) She also brought along her shiny purple guitar and tried to teach me some of the chords she knew. I discovered I'm really useless at learning chords without a chart to refer to. Also borrowed her guitar tuner to retune my acoustic (I'd tuned it a bit high, from the sound of it.) I told her we really need to learn our instruments so we can start a band, since all of our favorite bands keep breaking up on us.

Today I picked up my Paxil, packed some fragile glass things in a sturdy box and reread Don't Bite The Sun. And came over to the parentals' to borrow bandwidth and write here. At least so far.