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Yes, I am a bum . . .

Procrastination is my middle name. (Okay, actually it's Sarah, but anyway.) I kept putting off updating because I wanted to write a more detailed account of my Duranie adventures, but I figured I'd just dash off a quick entry and get back into the habit of updating my journal.

Work is, um, work. Lots of people with lists asking to find specific books, which isn't too bad. The magical loosening of shelves that's supposed to happen when lots of people come in and buy lots of books hasn't quite occurred yet, but some sections have been given some extra shelvage to move around in, so I can spend at least some of my time actually shelving books instead of trying to pound the things in with a sledgehammer.

I'm throwing a Duranie Christmas party on the 20th. It's likely to be pretty modest, but it should be fun.