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Oh, hey, I have a blog, don't I?

Maybe I should update it or something.

Went through another rough patch a few weeks ago--a pointed reminder that my condition is not one that vanishes into normalcy with a magic combination of pharmaceuticals--but my moods have improved since then and now all I'm dealing with is the low hum of frustration at being unemployed. I've found jobs to apply to and even gotten a call back on one pretty recently, but there's only so much I can do from my end in that department.

I've been doing what I can to keep myself useful (in some way) in the meantime. As I mentioned previously, I have finished the draft of The Two Kinds of Magic and after I do an initial pass of tweaky-fixy revisions, I'll be sending it out to a few select folks for review. I'm already sketching out ideas for the next novel in the series and I'll start work while I'm waiting to hear back from my Panel of Experts.

I've been taking voice lessons from a friend whom I will call Red Boots and guitar lessons from my friend Captain B. Having a place I need to be twice a week has been helpful and being responsible to another person has pushed me harder than I can typically push myself. I'm still in kind of a muddly stage of things where I can kinda play and kinda sing and even perform in public before a sufficiently forgiving audience. I'm still painfully aware of how far I have to go, though, so I'm not all that cocky about it.

Yes, I'm still drawing ten thousand flowers. I'm just kinda crap about the giving-them-away part.

I took a class (of sorts) in process art and now have an old book that I'm slapping acrylic paint and lipstick on the pages of and turning into art.

All I really need is a reliable source of income to support all this nonsense, and I'll be fine.

Today I took pleasure in Eggs Benedict for Easter brunch.

Today I learned that the labyrinth by the library has gotten weedy in my absence.