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Experiment in Apps

I've had this LJ app for my iPhone for some time now and I hardly ever use it. Not entirely sure why. Then again, I hardly ever use LiveJournal, so there you are.

I'm killing time in the waiting area of my local Toyota dealer to have my Camry looked over. I'm deliberately around the corner from the television, because daytime television drains all the smart out of my head.

Speaking of television, my birthday party went well enough despite technical glitches. For the past few years, I've celebrated my birthday by rounding off to the nearest available Saturday and opening my doors for my invitees to wander in from noon to midnight. During those twelve hours, I play my secondhand copy of The Beatles Anthology in a marathon. Each disc has two episodes on it, accessible from the DVD menu. Or, at least, accessible in theory. Unfortunately, this year the remote control that had always given me trouble (changing to the next episode always entailed a lot of leaning on the button and swearing) decided it didn't want to work anymore. At all. Even when bribed with new batteries.

My first guests arrived just as I discovered that Episode Two was out of reach. Thankfully, my first two guests were my parents, who were entirely understanding. My dad went into troubleshooting mode and found a workaround that allowed us to see the next episode. Yay! After they left, the same workaround worked for the next disc. Yay!

Then I got to the third disc.

Skip ahead at closing credits--huh, that didn't work. Start the episode all over, skip my way through--NOOOOOOOOOO! I am thwarted!

I supposed I could have pitched a tantrum and bewailed my fate, but instead I shrugged and popped in the final disc for my guests to view. That disc was also immune to the workaround, as I discovered to my frustration. When Captain B showed up I told him "I'm out of Anthology to play. Wanna see A Hard Day's Night?"

And so we did. When that was done, I dug out a documentary about the making of that very film and then a collection of various Beatle-related clips, including a rendition of the Pyramus and Thisbe sketch from A Midsummer Night's Dream with Paul McCartney as Pyramus and John Lennon as Thisbe. (And Ringo as The Lion.)

Those substitutions were enough to fill the lost time and keep my guests entertained. I ended at midnight with cake from Trader Joe's and a tealight candle.

Given the state I was in this time last year (we're coming up on the one-year anniversary of The Unpleasantness) I'm fine with marking 44 as an improvement over 43. I had a job interview this week, so I'm feeling a little better about my prospects.

Today I took pleasure in writing this journal entry. Seriously.

Today I learned that making appointments online at the dealership doesn't always work.



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Jul. 9th, 2014 07:19 pm (UTC)
Daytime tv causes brain cell rot ::nods::

Happy late birthday! Sounds like a good time, all told.
Jul. 12th, 2014 04:27 pm (UTC)
Happy Belated Birthday!
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