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Another app post

I went to the beach with my family last week, which was a vast improvement over how I spent my time one year prior. All of my siblings, sisters-in-law and nieces came down. (My brother-in-law had work to do and opted to remain home to do it.) Fortunately, my parents bought an additional unit for us to stay in so we weren't stacked on top of one another. (I got the entire fold-out couch to myself!)

My beach routines are pretty set--get up, have breakfast, don swimsuit, slather self with sunscreen, go down to the beach, take a long walk up one way and down the other, muck about in the waves as much as temperature permits, occasionally sit on a beach chair and read or write, return indoors, shower, dress, eat lunch, take a nap, go out on the balcony to listen to David Sylvian's Gone to Earth (both discs) while contemplating the course of my life and writing down my conclusions, suit up and slather down again for a late afternoon session on the beach, come back in, shower again, have dinner, listen to the Braves game, go to bed.

That's the basic plan. Sometimes it got disrupted by rain (we lost a number of afternoon beach walks to the rain) and sometimes the evening would include a few rounds of the Disney version of Apples to Apples. I brought my guitar with me and occasionally locked myself in a convenient bedroom to practice during the Braves games.

Wednesday, I threw the whole routine out the window to travel to Orlando to visit Epcot and Disney Hollywood with my sister and two of my nieces. We took a trip around the world (The Disney Version) and the nieces went on interactive spy missions at a few locations. (Yes, really.) It was a fine time all around.

Meanwhile, back in reality, I'm still looking for work, revising a novel, proofreading a book I didn't write, drawing flowers, playing guitar and otherwise trying to keep myself occupied. And how, dear reader, have YOU been?

Today I took pleasure in going on a field trip to an art gallery.

Today I learned that too late is not always too late.