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Weekend Report, January 23-25

Or, "Wait, it isn't Chattacon?"

I was under the impression that the weekend after the MLK holiday was designated for Chattacon and looked longingly at all the things I would have to miss. Then I found out that Chattacon got nudged up one weekend for whatever reason and suddenly I could do those things.

Friday I got the housecleaning done a day early and went to Speakeasy Electroswing at the Red Light Cafe. It's a monthly event with DJ Doctor Q spinning electroswing tunes (a kind of electronic dance music that either samples or mimics classic swing music) and burlesque dancers doing their thing. Q invited photographers to come and shoot the show and one of those photographers turned out to be the younger brother of my grade school best friend. I hadn't seen him since high school. We caught up briefly and made noises about catching up in more detail later on. We'll see if we do.

Saturday was wide open to do whatever I liked, so I slept a lot and went to the museum. It's maybe not the best time to go, since half the exhibit spaces are closed for revision, but I wanted to get my membership's worth and there are still some things of interest. There was an exhibition of recently recovered photographs by Gordon Parks, taken in the 1950s and detailing life in the segregated South. They were beautifully shot, though heartbreaking to look at.

Saturday night I went to Masquerade to see four bands. Two 60s rock bands (The Backyardbirds and The Lizardmen) one rockabilly/country band (Caroline and the Ramblers) and one instrumental surf band (The Mystery Men?). Captain B was pulling guitar duty for the first two bands while battling an unspecified illness. He bolted once he was done playing, no doubt to go home and collapse. I stayed for the other two bands, which I'd heard of for years but never seen and found that they lived up to their reputations. Picked up a CD by The Mystery Men? (That's the way they write their name out, it's not that I'm not sure what they're called.)

Sunday has been the usual, with a lot of sleep. This week will be the usual, plus prep for Chattacon. I'll try to write a report for that but it depends on what shape I'm in.

Today I took pleasure in seeing The Mystery Men? play.

Today I learned I can safely disarm the alarm in my parents' house.