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Mer' Crimma

So it's been a merry Christmas, all told. Obviously, I didn't have to travel far to be with the folks. Got many cool prezzies, including the CD I'm listening to right now, as well at the latest David Sylvian and The Devils. So you may be seeing some new tracks on my "Music:" slot.

Spent the day in idleness and indulgence, but, hey, it's my day off. Drank Coca-Cola and took naps.

I've gotten many holiday cards from various peeps and it looks like I'll be gathering the return addresses and sending, well, New Year's cards in return. But at least I'll know they'll be current.

I have to work tomorrow. Ugh! My New Year's resolution is going to be finding a line of work that gives me more days off. In the meantime, I'm going to bed.