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I'm still alive, thanks. I'm actually doing pretty well, all things said and done. I've cut my hours at The Big Green Grocery Store to make room to do some remote scoring for an educational testing company that I've worked for before. The last time I worked for them, it was at a scoring center in a decaying office building that was not the most pleasant of environments. This time, I'll be working from my own damn computer, so the conditions should be much more amenable. All I have to do is pass the certification exam, which I took on Saturday. Wish me luck.

Life at The Big Green Grocery Store can be pretty entertaining. The tabloid headlines right after Prince passed away were gruesomely amusing. Depending on which tabloid you read, he either was murdered, committed suicide, or died of AIDS. The AIDS one came from the National Enquirer, which also claimed that David Bowie died of AIDS right after his passing. Apparently if you're a phenomenally influential performer with an unconventional gender presentation, you are doomed to die of AIDS.

I've been revising a novella called The Suicide Demon which is a sequel to The Two Kinds of Magic, the novel that is currently sitting on an agent's desk awaiting his attention. (He's agreed to look at it to repay a favor to my sister, but favors take lower priority than paying work.) Anyway, the revision process may be put on hold while I'm working two jobs (the scoring gig is temporary so I'll be back to one job in a couple of weeks. Or this week, if I flunk the certification.) It's kinda ground to a halt as it is, which I'm a little dissatisfied about, but I hope to pick it up after the scoring thing blows over.

So that's what I've been up to lately. Still drawing flowers and putting the first one of the day on Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram. (I'm wonderbink in all those places, if'n you want to follow along.) Each time I do this, I resolve to do it more often, so we'll see if I hold up this time.

Today I took pleasure in sitting out on the screen porch while composing this blog entry.

Today I learned how to make those awesome brownies my mom makes.