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Weekend Report, December 2-4

I don't know how many days after the weekend it will take before I post this. I've been writing blog posts for my various blogs at the rate of approximately five minutes a day. It's worked, though--all my blogs, even the ones I haven't updated for years now have shiny new posts on them. It should be easy to keep up, too.

Most of my weekends involve closing duties at The Big Green Grocery Store, because I left my schedule open for that sort of thing, and I seem to be one of the few people who do. However, if I know of something far enough in advance, I'll put in a request that I not be scheduled then so I have the freedom to go to that thing. I put in for the time off when I went to see Ian Webber (late of The Tender Idols) play at Venkman's, a restaurant and music venue in an old industrial space. While I was there, I looked at the posters for upcoming shows and saw that the Yacht Rock Revue was going to be doing an evening of Beatles covers on December the second. I put it on my phone schedule for future reference.

(The Ian Webber show, by the way, was tremendous. He played mostly stuff from his new solo album, Year of the Horse, but he had a couple of other former Idols in his backing band and they played some Tender Idols numbers just to make us happy.)

I put in the time off request for the Beatles show and they naturally scheduled me right up to the time I said I couldn't work past. Unfortunately, the start time (when I did a final check) had been moved up a half hour before initially advertised. So I got there about ten minutes late and was told that the show had sold out.

Then I was told that there were tickets that had gone unclaimed, so I could just show my ID to the security dude and I'd get a wristband and that was the end of it. It took me a moment to understand what they were saying to me. Sorry, the show's sold out but, here, you can get in for free.

I am astonishingly lucky sometimes.

The Yacht Rock Revue rose from the ashes of an indie band called Y.O.U. Since Y.O.U. was a hard domain name to obtain, they chose pleaserock.com instead. This made it easier to adapt when they evolved into Yacht Rock Revue and various other projects that now play under the PleaseRock banner. In fact, their incarnation as a Beatles cover band was previously called Please Pleaserock Me, but this time around was advertised as Yacht Rock Revue Plays The Beatles. I'm not sure why. Yacht Rock Revue specializes in cheesy smooth rock from the late 70s and early 80s. Why they'd want to shift gears to the greatest band of the 60s under the same name is baffling to me.

I'm ranting about this for a reason. I'll get to it.

The place was packed. I had to struggle my way to the bar for a glass of Marlborough Savingon Blanc and once I made it to the bar, I decided to just stay there. It gave me a good vantage point from the side of the stage and meant I had to option of buying a second drink without having to work my way through a labyrinth of spaces between human bodies. I finagled my way to a good viewing spot and took it all in.

They were good. They didn't try to mimic The Beatles vocally and they didn't bother to dress the part because there were too damn many of them to add up to four. Musically, they hit the spot dead on, while still putting a little of their own spin on it. It was good to see the music of The Beatles carried on, decades after the band's demise. It put hope in me that truly good things can last beyond their era.

At one point, a painted blonde with a drink in her hand asked if she could get closer to the stage. She was trying to get the keyboardist's attention so she would make a request. She wanted to hear a Hall and Oates song. I wanted to punch her in the face. She told me they did a really great version of this song, presumably in their regular incarnation as the Yacht Rock Revue. I suggested that they were pretty much on a Beatles playlist and that now was not the time. She persisted, first by pressing herself as close to the keyboardist as she could. (Not by much--there were long tables in the way.) Then she tried to get the bartender to tap the keyboardist on the shoulder. The bartender refused. She tried yelling, but couldn't be heard over the music and crowd noise. After that, she gave up.

She was of a particular breed of Drunk Blond Chicks who seem to think that because they're cute and because they're bold (thanks to the drinks) that they can ask for whatever they want and be granted it. I saw a similar Drunk Blond Chick at a Blair Crimmins and the Hookers show, who begged Blair to let her borrow his hat, even offering to "pinky swear" to give it back to him. (Pinky swear? What are you, twelve?) Blair refused, and she whined some more.

As you can guess, I have some issues with this. Particularly because it's even odds that this sort of presumptuousness actually works often enough that they are never discouraged from trying. That girls like that are allowed to trample over boundaries of politeness with a cute face and some tits.

There was a Rolling Stones cover band scheduled for the second act, but I had to work the next day and didn't want to lose my morning to too much sleep. Half the crowd bailed with me.

The next day was work at The Big Green Grocery Store. I'd planned to see The Pinx at 529 but by the time the store closed and I'd clocked out I'd lost my enthusiasm for the idea. I was tired and had been sniffling all day with what I thought was allergies.

Nope. I woke up with the sniffles turned into free-flowing mucus and the slight cough becoming a much larger one. It was so bad I missed both Mass and family dinner, and spent the day resting and swilling citrus punch.

It's been a week, and I'm still sniffing and coughing, but not as badly as I was. I'm hoping it will die down by my day off on Thursday.

This weekend (as I'm finishing this--one of the hazards of the five minute technique) was just spent in closing shifts at The Big Green Grocery Store. Next week should be better, as I'm going to see the annual performance of the soundtrack for A Charlie Brown Christmas at the EARL.

Today I took pleasure in watching RiffTrax shorts while drawing flowers.

Today I learned RiffTrax has a new VOD available.