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My Email to the Senate - Health Care

So, after a bit of procrastination, I wrote to Senators Isakson and Perdue about the health care bill being worked on in the Senate. I paste it below, and urge anybody else in America to write their own letter as well.

Dear Senator,

I am a resident of Georgia and I would like to express my views on the current attempt at health care reform.

I am relieved to learn that the Senate will not be voting on the House bill that passed by a narrow margin, but instead will be creating their own bill. As your constituent, I would like to make my wishes known regarding the new bill.

Premiums should not be increased for people with pre-existing conditions. The healthy helping pay for the less fortunate is the way insurance works. Pre-existing conditions are not just the results of lifestyle choices, they are more often genetic or the result of injury. I have the pre-existing condition of bipolar II disorder, and no amount of lifestyle changes will rid me of it. Increasing the cost will put help with pre-existing conditions out of the reach of most people, and the fact that they technically have insurance available to them does not alleviate this.

Victims of crimes should not have the injuries they suffer be treated as pre-existing conditions.

Coverage for certain health conditions should be considered carefully before being removed from the list of mandatory coverage requirements. In my own case, I am naturally concerned with mental health. One in five Americans suffers from a mental illness each year. People with mental illness compose 90% of all suicides and suicide itself is one of the 10 most common causes of death in America.

If birth control for women is no longer to be covered, drugs to treat erectile dysfunction in men should also be dropped.

Medicaid and Medicare should not be cut. This is imperative. These programs serve people in desperate situations, including many of your constituents, and cutting their access to healthcare will, in many cases, condemn them to death.

In providing more coverage to the American people, I understand that the tax cuts you have planned will have to be reduced. However, the top tier of taxpayers paid a higher tax rate during the Reagan administration, and that was considered a prosperous era. Leaving the tax rate for them at the current levels will do no harm. You can emphasize the middle class in your tax reforms and boost the economy that way. The ACA has already helped the economy by drastically reducing the number of bankruptcies filed. Reducing the number of people who can afford health insurance will increase those numbers again.

I thank you for your time and your service to the state of Georgia and I hope you will consider my suggestions.


Sheila O’Shea

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