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Life Under Lockdown

I asked for evenings off for the Triduum, not even sure if the services were going to be in person or not, and the folks at The Big Green Grocery Store gave me the days off entirely. Nifty! I thought I would use the time as a kind of at-home spiritual retreat, and while I did have some prayerful moments, I mostly cleaned house and ran errands. I took in the virtual services at Saint Thomas More, where I spent many a holy day of obligation as a Catholic schoolgirl. I also took in a virtual Stations of the Cross at Ignatius House, but was a touch disappointed in it. The prayers were a little bit woo for my taste (and I know from woo).

On Good Friday, I went to my folks to pick up a few things they were getting rid of: (1) an oversized planter, (2) a large bag of dirt, (3) a lopper for cutting off branches and (4) a cast iron skillet. One of these things it not like the other, but they all went home with me. Mom gave me a hug on the basis that we were both wearing masks. (I have masks now, by the way. Two I got on Etsy and two I made from bandannas and hair ties. I wear the Etsy masks to work now that they'll let us wear them.) On Holy Saturday, I went to my local hardware megaplex and got a wee tomato plant to put in the enormous planter, which also holds the entire large bag of dirt.

More on that in a minute. I'm trying to do this chronologically.

The Easter Vigil was quite the experience. My wifi crapped out partway through the service and by the time I kicked it awake, I'd missed the rest of the readings. When the priest came down to deliver the homily, he got about as far as remarking on how difficult these times were and then a light started flashing and a woman's voice announced "Attention. Attention. Please proceed to the exits now." I wondered if they'd gotten busted for having too many people. (Two singers, three lectors, one priest, at least one person playing the organ and who knows how many camera operators and crew.) The view cut to a shot of the cross behind the altar as if it was a Please Stand By card. As it turned out, the fire alarm was not accustomed to the amount of incense they'd been using. Everything proceeded as approximately normal until my wifi crashed a second time just before the final benediction, at which point I simply gave up.

Easter Sunday is a day rich in traditions that we could not participate in under current conditions. The big one is Eggs Benedict, which is served three times a year--Easter, Christmas and the beach trip. So this year I busted out the family recipe book, got the ingredients for hollandaise, and made my own.

It was perfect. I don't know if I can fully articulate how happy this made me.

I even made a proper Easter dinner of ham, mashed potatoes and broccoli (with hollandaise!) My mom clued me in on the sauce she uses on the ham (mustard and sour cream--that's it!) and that also came out perfectly. Maybe this "cooking" thing isn't so scary.

Monday it's back to the grind and oh, what a grind it is. I got an email just before I started getting ready for work that they'll be doing roof work on my building and that I'll need to take pictures of all the existing cracks in my walls to send to them to prove that any damage after that point was theirs, OH and be sure to take all the art off of the walls. They start tomorrow.

So a big chunk of my evening was spent taking pictures of cracks (I never realized how many I had), taking all my art down (I literally just realized that I'd missed one as I was typing that sentence) and dragging my plants inside, including the wee tomato in the large dirt-filled planter (that took some doing).

I work a seven-hour shift tomorrow. I can hope that most of the work will be done while I'm gone, but I suspect my two days off to follow will have a lot of noise to deal with. Yay.

Today I took pleasure in a lemon Italian ice.

Today I learned there are new people starting work at The Big Green Grocery Store.

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