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Letters to State Representative Shea Roberts and State Senator Jennifer Jordan

Okay, emails, but still. A nice young man on Twitter pointed me to this article in the AJC about all the voter suppression legislation working its way through the Georgia legislature right now. I hit up the My Voter Page at the Secretary of State website and found out who my reps were (and thought, hey, yeah, I remember voting for these gals!) so I could email them and urge them to take these things seriously. Because they were dealing with different bills, I wrote them different letters. I recommend you nice Georgia-residing folks do the same.

Dear Representative Roberts:

My name is Sheila O’Shea and I am a resident of Sandy Springs. I proudly voted for you in the November election.

It is my understanding that a shocking number of restrictions on voting are being considered in the Georgia House. I am particularly concerned about the limits on absentee voting, making it more difficult to request a ballot and making it harder to drop off at a drop box. I voted absentee in the runoff election, and found the process simple and easy. I would hate to have that taken away. The Republicans seem to have a strange notion—actually articulated by some of its members—that voting is a privilege and not a fundamental right of every citizen of age.

Their spite seems to extend to innocuous things like providing snacks and drinks to voters in line regardless of whom they may be voting for. How does this prevent voter fraud? If they were providing these things on condition of voting for a specific candidate, there are already laws on the books to address that. But when I sat in line in November to vote, two young ladies came by with bottled water, chips and granola bars and offered them to me without questioning who I was voting for, only thanking me for voting at all. The real solution for this is to provide enough voting machines so that no one has to stand in line for hours to perform their civic duty.

Please do what you are able to limit these potential limitations (and others I have not detailed here). Voting is the root of our democracy and it should not be made harder, but easier, so that more citizens can participate.

Thank you,

Sheila O’Shea


Dear Senator Jordan—

My name is Sheila O’Shea and I live in Sandy Springs. I am proud to have you as my Senator.

I am writing because of my concerns about legislation introduced into the Georgia Senate regarding voting rights. The increased restrictions on absentee ballots are particularly worrisome. I voted absentee in the runoff election and it made the process so much easier. Surely, we want full participation in the democratic process—placing unnecessary obstacles in the path of voters is a detriment to our nation.

It’s my understanding that Senate Bill 74 would permit poll watchers to enter ballot tabluation areas. I worry that this would open the gate to intimidation tactics used directly on poll workers. Poll watchers should be kept within the limits they currently stand in. Please make sure you are present to vote against this.

There are quite a number of bills regarding election procedures in the Senate. I ask that you read them carefully and vote in the direction of making voting convenient and simple, while still retaining security.

Thank you,

Sheila O'Shea


Today I took pleasure in writing these letters, weirdly enough. It felt good to put my anxiety to some kind of productive use.

Today I learned where the website for the Georgia General Assembly is.

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