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No new tale to tell . . .

. . . not that something like that stops people from writing in Livejournals, now does it? More boxes, more packing, more video watching. Videodrome has quite a collection of Eddie Izzard tapes which I shall have to check out now that I've been through their entire supply of MST3K.

Saturday night I went to The Chamber, a fetish themed dance club which presents live 'performances' of people getting tied up and thwapped lightly with whips. I'm not really all that interested in the fetish stuff--it's actually pretty tedious to watch someone tie a bunch of knots, like it's Boy Scouts or something--but the club has free parking, a roomy dance floor and lots of places to just chill out. I don't go very often and each time I do go I remember why I don't. The crowd there just bugs the hell out of me. Half of the crowd is so ultra-ultra cool in their shiny black clothes and expensive boots and the other half are in jeans and T-shirts and seem to be there to watch the freaks. I hover about feeling a bit like neither fish nor flesh--not nearly cool enough for the shiny black crowd and never, ever normal enough for the jeans crowd. Story of my life, really. I did try to just ingore it all and simply dance and I managed to do it for about half an hour but then the DJ played "Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, the floor got stampeded and I left in disgust. I gave up and left a little while after.

The job prospects are looking ever so slightly up. I found a bazzilion ads for admin assists in the paper and printed off cover letters to fax with a resume. Today I got a call from the Emory temp service to tell me when orientation was (this Thursday) and what to bring (two forms of ID, a voided check for direct deposit, etc.) So hopefully I should have a little more to do with my life soon.