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My Vaguely Exciting Weekend

Saturday I was going to try to hook up with azewewish but she was at a birthday party that wound up dragging out into the late hours, so I just went to bed all sensible like. Today, however, we did hook up with her mom and stepdad to see The Return of the King, which remains a great film. Even though I'd already seen it once, I was still on the edge of my seat for the battle scenes and all weepy at the sad scenes. (Particularly the scene where Pippin sings and Faramir leads the charge.) After the movie, I hung out at Brenda's mom's place and drank tea and half-watched football and shot the shit. We're going to try to hook up again tomorrow before she goes, but she may have more family business to take care of. So we'll see.

Java Monkey tonight. Will probably go. I should probably have something to write about.