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Low Key Weekend

So I went up to Chattacon, a little science fiction convention up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I couldn't go until Saturday, what with my work schedule and all, so I missed my brother throwing his Carnival/Carn-evil party. (Featuring, the Chicken Lady, Lounge Lizard Man and the Wheel O' Drink.) I was there in time for a little surprise early 50th birthday party for a friend of the family, so the room was cleansed of the carnival theme and redecorated in black draping and a skull motif. That particular party, fortunately, broke up much earlier than the party the night before which dragged well into the wee smalls of the AM. But anyway. I fixed myself some drinks from the alcohol stock and cruised the room parties, caught up with some people I knew and updated them on my life, and crawled into bed eventually. Sunday I sacked in a bit and ended up leaving at about the same time that my brother and sister-in-law did. We did lunch in Dalton and I cruised the rest of the way home, switching from the Clear Channel 80s station in Chattanooga to the one in Atlanta once the signal faded.

I'm still a bit groggy today, not sure if it's still recovery from the weekend or if the drugs I'm taking are working a little too well to keep me sleeping soundly. I tried to get a refill on one of the drugs and discovered that since it's a shiny new year I have to shell out the deductible before the drug benefit kicks in. Gosh, doesn't America just have the greatest health care system? *choke* This is another reason why I want to get off the stupid drugs, so I don't have to mess with pharmacies and fucking insurance plans.

I guess I'll go to bed now.