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Friday night I hooked up with Kim and we went out to see Return of the King. First time for her; third time for me. It still holds up. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of consuming a movie-sized guzzlebucket of Coca-Cola and barely slept at all when I got home. Called in sick Saturday--I've been on the ragged edge of a cold and staying up past my usual bedtime seems to have pushed me over. So I curled up with a gallon of Sunny Delight and a romance novel and took many naps. Sunday I did about the same, only I'd already finished the romance novel so I killed a lot of time reading customers_suck.

Mom and Dad are in California, so I've got the whole house to myself. Not sure what the hell I'm going to do with it. Right now, I'm still sick, so I can't have much of a wild time. Ah, well, I'd just have to clean up the mess anyway.

Think I'll crawl into bed and see if I can sleep this bug off.