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I like Mondays

I know this makes me a bit of a weirdo, but Monday happens to be my day off, so I feel much better about Mondays than the general populace. Tuesday, on the other hand . . . but anyway.

I found my clock radio while clearing some space in the basement, so I stand a better chance of actually getting up at the crack of dawn. The alarm I've been using is just too wussy. My alarm clock, however, shrieks like the shower scene in Psycho and is a little harder to sleep through. I've set it just out of arm's reach so I can't slap the snooze button.

Went to see the drug lady today to have a chat about the meds. She wrote me a prescription for a lower dosage on the Zyprexa and suggested I take the meds after dinner instead of just before bed and see if that helps any. I really can't afford to oversleep much more, so I hope it works. At least I've got a better alarm clock now.

Took another impulsive trip to the Dollar Tree and got some makeup--twelve different shade of eyeshadow in one compact. I guess I should find an occasion to wear the stuff.

Clean laundry is good.