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Dada Spam

The following arrived in my email box this afternoon. I'm not making it up.

hot soccer-moms get fuck3d http://www.soccer-moms.biz/ His brothers shining white forg smiles. The round gun show its value. Our children expensive white mobile phone stands-still. Her daughters golden noisy magazine adheres. Any round mobile phone stands-still. Their white sofa adheres. Mine red door walks and a slopy hairy clock stares. Our bluish bicycle is thinking and his brothers smart bluish round-shaped carpet stares. Whose hairy baby prepare for fight. His bluish glove arrives. The smart balloon walks. The green boots is angry. Her daughters slopy magazine smiles. The small picture arrives. Her round glasses stares. Mine little forg walks. Any white boat show its value. Our children small house snores and still whose soft paper smells.



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Feb. 14th, 2004 07:20 pm (UTC)
Well i'll be damned....

Its the Poetic Pornographer
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