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Hm, let's see . . .

Yeah, it's been a while; it hasn't entirely been for lack of things to write about, I've just been too grouchy or clogged up or something.


Saw The Forty-Fives at the Star Bar. They put on a kick-ass show, as always. I had many and varied alcoholic beverages and ended up on very bad terms with my stomach. Went to work the next day still hung over. Not sure how I survived.

Took pictures of the denizens of Java Monkey Speaks for a project that MsKitty_Phx on the duranduranmusic.com message board is doing for a soldier named John who is stationed in Iraq right now. She asked for pictures of people holding something that says "Hi John!" so she can print them out and send them to him. So I took a sign and a digital camera and got just about everybody there to pose. I still have to download and size down the pictures; will probably want to do that before the next Java Monkey Speaks.

Hooked up with Kim to get details on a writing project I'll be doing for her husband, for a nifty device he's got a patent on. It should keep me busy and do wonders for my freelance portfolio. Also did some thrifting with Kim and picked up a sparkly dress and a long red scarf. And I wasn't even looking that hard. We got together a little later in the week to work on the website they have for the Nifty Device. A few hours and a couple of service calls to the webspace provider later, I managed to tinker with the text on the main page they currently have up. Woot. The page Kim wants to use is up on the site but not fully functional and the code is too thick and heavy for my HTML Kung-Fu powers.

Got tagged for being tardy at work. I now have to be on my best behavior for the next 90 days. Eep. Guess I'll have to go back to using two alarms.

I want to tinker with my bass guitar now.


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Feb. 20th, 2004 07:06 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you're happily out & about - good. :) And yeah, the tardy thing... *blushes*+
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