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Yes, spring has sprung and I've been away from the computer, enjoying the sunshine during the day and watching bad movies at night. Having exhausted the supply of MST3K flicks at Videodrome, I went to Movies Worth Seeing and promptly exhausted THEIR supply of MST3K flicks. I also watched a couple of movies that have been given the MST3K treatment--The Brain That Wouldn't Die and It Conquered The World--only in their original form without the guy and two robots. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I am a sucker for a cheesy movie. My taste in film seems to go to extremes--I like really good ones and really bad ones, but lose my patience with films that are merely mediocre. I also shun bad comedies, on the basis that a bad comedy, by definition, fails to be funny. Bad drama, bad sci-fi and bad action flicks, on the other hand, tend to be hilarious, since they venture into realms of the absurd without being self-conscious about it. I once had a boyfriend (about a decade ago--yikes!) who shared my love for dreadful cinema. We would go to Blockbuster and try to find the worst film possible. ("Wow! This looks terrible! Let's get it!") We had plenty to choose from--the B-grade movie didn't die out when the drive-in theater did, it just reinvented itself in the genre known as Direct To Video. Some of the films turned out to be, well, not all that good, but better than we expected. Others were just as bad (and as funny) as we anticipated. At any rate, we were almost always entertained. We didn't have Videodrome (the video rental place, not the movie) back then, but I bet if we did we would have had all kinds of fun with the selection of flicks they have. I'm still having fun with it--I've got my eye on their copy of Robot Monster (the one with the guy in the gorilla suit with a diving helmet on his head) for my next rental excursion.

Let's see, what else is going on? I've been making it to work on time, which is good. We had a big crazy annual store meeting on Sunday night, much to my annoyance as it caused me to miss my friend Dennis (a.k.a. Mr. Boom!) performing at Java Monkey as the featured poet. Bummer. My Mail Boxes Etc. that hosted my mailbox address has shut down after all these years, so I got another box at a UPS store and ordered new business cards. (Anybody who has my old address--the Briarcliff Rd. one--email me for the new one.) I'm hoping this place will stick around for a bit. I have no bad movies to watch tonight, so I think maybe I'll do some writing for a change. Over and out.