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Married? I didn't know she was sick!

So I went down to Florida for Jane's wedding. Jane and Diane are two of the original Zebra Brigade from the Pop Trash tour days. Tina, another Brigade member, also came up. It almost felt a bit odd to be hanging out without a show to go to. Not that it was any less frazzling--we all (even Jane) ended up working to set things up at the reception and then break everything down at the end. The wedding itself was short and sweet--it was held in Jane's sister's backyard--and the reception was pretty low key, even if the DJ played near-constant crap until we were stripping tablecloths off the table and boxing up the food. THEN he broke out the Motown and Beatles tunes, which were a sight better than what had been playing when we walked in. Go figure. After that, we went back to Jane's sister's place and hung out for a bit. A friend of Jane's brought raspberry iced tea with vodka, which I happily imbibed but didn't get too buzzed off of. Darn. I thought about lingering an extra day before heading back up on Monday--Tina even offered me crashspace at her digs--but I decided to go ahead and head back to Atlanta. I got through the drive down and the drive back up by plowing through the collection of tapes that live in the car. I found stuff I thought I'd lost, like my Sisters of Mercy/Dead Can Dance tape that dates back to my sojurn in Japan. I also found my Tender Idols b-side sessions EP, which I played a few times in a row as I started out on my trip. Man, I miss that band.

I may be heading back down to Florida again in a couple of weeks, for a little Duranie get-together. Stay tuned.