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So I spent my Memorial Day weekend nipping down to Savannah, GA to visit Malinda (my dear friend and former roomie, for those of you keeping score at home.) She's living in her grandmother's basement and she's managed to do pretty nicely with the little space she has, but she finds herself watching home decoration shows longingly and fantasizing about people coming in to repaint her barren walls and hunky carpenters building new shelves for all her books. Can't say I blame her. We spent a lot of time in her bedroom, drinking Cokes, smoking cloves, watching style type shows on TV and shooting the breeze. It was actually quite fun. Eventually, we did venture out into the world so I could see more of Savannah than the inside of her living space. We went to River Street, where we walked by the water, ducked into souvenir shops to cool off and went to a restaurant called Spanky's that served The Best Pizza In Savannah. (And mighty fine pizza it was, too.) As it got later into the evening, we headed out to Tybee Island so I could go to the beach and say hello to the Atlantic Ocean. We picked about the ideal time to go, actually--the day had cooled down, the sand wasn't foot-scorchingly hot and the place was less crowded overall. We went to a pavilion were there there were drinks (Key Lime margaritas--very tasty) and live music (a middling cover band) and we watched the sun set. Not a bad day, all told. Memorial Day proper I spent sleeping very late and driving all the way back. I'll probably go back again for the Fourth of July and we can see the fireworks over the river. Should be fun.


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Jun. 2nd, 2004 05:20 pm (UTC)
Such a beautiful, historic town...I hope to get to visit there eventually.
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