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I saw Paul Melançon (aka hypnogun) play at Eddie's Attic on Tuesday. Not a bad way to celebrate Nick Rhodes' birthday. (I never did have that banana, nor did I have any strawberries. Bad Nickolite, I know.) He headlined the show, which was hell on my sleep schedule, but what could I do? The two openers were a little less than inspiring. The first guy kept making weak attempts at humor and chastising us for not laughing; the second act had bongos set up, which sent me fleeing to the pool table for the duration of the set. Somebody had brought an infant who was apparently related to a person playing in the second act. All through that part of the show, as I sat in the lounge and watched people play pool, I saw this perpetual cycle go on--the kid would be brought out of the music room crying, carried around a bit until he calmed down, taken back into the music room, then be brought out again crying, walked around until calmed down, and so on. I didn't see the point of bringing the child in the first place; he was obviously too young to grasp what was going on. Maybe they couldn't find a babysitter. Whatever. At least they had the consideration to take the kid out of the room when he started wailing, but I didn't understand why they kept insisting on bringing him back in. I stuck my head in briefly to see what the band was like and, well, I didn't entirely blame the kid, but that's just me.

Anyway, the band exited and took over half the crowd with them, (even with Paul doing a fabulous 80s cover tune--I'll keep it a secret for future audiences to discover the next time he plays) leaving the audience pretty much down to people he knew personally or (like me) were on his LiveJournal. He still put on a grand show, using a borrowed guitar for most of his set (so the opening guy did come in handy.) And this time, when he brought out the ukulele, he played "Little Plum", so I was happy.

I got a phone call out of the clear blue sky from a recruiter about a contract job doing tech-writerly stuff for A Large Atlanta Company. I don't want to jinx it by talking too much about it, but please feel free to send pozzies.

This week, the parentals are off to Italy. So I don't get a genuine Mom-baked birthday cake (Monday, in case you were keeping score) but I do get the whole house to myself. They're showing the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy at the Fox Theater on Sunday and Monday, so I may do that as my birthday party and just invite whoever wants to go to meet me there.

Not sure what I'm going to do with my Saturday night. I'd like to drag my birthday party out for the whole weekend if I can, but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of stuff going on tonight that I'm interested in. So I may just stay home with my Greatest DVD and have an evening of it. We'll see.