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Yep, it's Tuesday

Bill Clinton's book came out today and we opened two hours early so people could get it first. Which meant I had to unpack and shelve SIXTEEN BOXES of magazines within two hours, including time to work on reshelves of books being taken off of display. Sixteen boxes normally takes me about four hours, with a little help towards the end when it gets down the wire. Luckily, all of the IPT people (I have no clue what IPT stands for; I only know that it's what I do) pitched in and helped so we got it all tidied up in time to open the store to the throngs of Bill Clinton fans just waiting to get that book. Too bad no throngs actually showed up. There was a TV crew there to film the excitement, and they ended up outnumbering the customers. Go fig.

My iBook is in need of repair--the screen now only works when tilted at a funny angle, which means I'm typing this with the hinge in my lap and the keyboard up on my abdomen. I'm hassling a bit with Apple to access my information online; I didn't put in a purchase date when I registered it, since it was a gift. Now it's all coming back to haunt me. Luckily there are toll-free numbers and bad movie sites to explore (from an odd angle) while waiting on hold.

As a result of this, I may be a bit incommunicado while my 'puter gets fixed. I probably need to cold turkey my internet addiction anyway. Either that, or borrow the hell out of the parentals' 'puters. We'll see.