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Moving moving moving . . .

Well, I got some boxes packed up but it started to rain so I couldn't move them. Hauled a couple of loads of laundry over instead (I mean, hey, they were going to get wet anyway...) Also packed my backpack full of toiletries and took those over as well, so I'm just about officially moved in. My furniture may not be here yet, but my toothbrush is. I'll be sleeping here tonight so I can drop my parents off at the MARTA station in the morning to get to the airport. They're going off to visit their grandchild and probably say hello to my sister and brother-in-law while they're there. I'll be housesitting while they're away, (though if I'm moving here, I'm not sure if it counts as housesitting.)

I'm in a weird sort of state right now because of it all. Half of my sense of 'home' is here at my parents' house and half of it is at the place I'm moving out of. Having the house to myself over the weekend should make for an interesting transition. We'll see.