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Um, so, yeah.

Saturday night I actually went out into the world. Into Buckhead. I think it was the first time in ages that I'd been to Buckhead without Kenny Howes being involved. Instead, I was going to hook up with some Duranie pals of mine, including a gal from Alabama who was checking out this 80s cover band (called, originally enough, That 80s Band) to see if they'd be any good for her high school reunion. I wore my vintage Duran Duran T-shirt for the occasion, which several of the band members were mightily impressed with. The show was fun, though it was funny to see how nostalgia made certain songs that I hated the first time around become more bearable.

Speaking of Duran Duran, the official track listing for the upcoming CD is on the news page of the official site and Duranies are already griping about the songs that aren't on it. Go figure.

Today I went to a job fair. Forty-five minutes in line to get into a little room full of tables of companies looking for sales people. Whee. Had a pretty interesting conversation with the guy in line behind me, so the line time wasn't too unbearable. (And before you ask, he was way too old for me and married besides.) Had enough time to catch most of the Retroplex on the radio, including "New Moon On Monday", naturally.

Tomorrow I get a paid day off from work to go to the High Museum. Yay! Trying to hook up with azewewish while she's still in town. Stay tuned.