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Thrifting again!

Went thrifting with a cute guy I met at DragonCon. I actually got some reasonably sensible things--a fuzzy sweater and a plushy turtleneck. I also landed some shiny black pants that fit great except for the fact that they're too long. I'm debating between having them altered or taking advantage of the return policy. I'm leaving the tag on just in case.

Today, aforementioned guy phoned up just to say he had a nice time.

I think he likes me.

I've set a date to go thrifting with Kim next week. She's going to New York to hunt the wild Duran Duran, and needs to work on a spiffy outfit.

I should really give my closet a proper purging to get rid of all the stuff I'm not wearing so I can make room for all these clothes I've been acquiring. I used to think I was born without the female shopping gene, but I think it just got focused on bargain hunting. Then again, when your income is as low as mine, this is not a bad focus to have.

Actually, they gave me another raise. I calculated my yearly income; it still isn't enough to move out on without getting roommates involved. Sigh.

I borrowed a couple of self-helpy books from work which turned out to be pretty helpful. Think I may get them with my merch card come October. I'm also looking at borrowing the new Laurell K. Hamilton and the latest L. A. Banks, so I can do a sort of literary Vampire Double Feature. Should be fun.


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Sep. 29th, 2004 06:04 am (UTC)
Well YEA on the raise and I am sorry it is not enough to live on by yourself. I also understand your trepidation of finding roomates considering some of the horror tales you have told me.

Cute guy. What doesn't he have a name or initials? Did I see you with this gentleman at the Con? Big sister wants to know. :)
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