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Today just felt weird, weird, weird. I mean, it wasn't just the minor disruptions in routine--waking up in my old bedroom instead of in the west wing, helping with storytime at work, stuff like that--there was just this constant sensation of bleah that ragged me all day.

I got home to find the bug situation has only improved slightly. The exterminator did arrive, sprayed the nest from what entrances he could find (they gnawed a fresh hole into my room to get around the one we plugged up) and set off a bug bomb. I'll have to wait about three days for them to all die before I can sleep in my own bed again.

I grabbed my laundry basket and I'm doing a couple of loads of clothes so I'll have something to wear for the weekend.

I'm feeling less bleah now, for whatever that's worth. I don't know if it was spooky psychic premonition that all was not going to be well upon my return or whether my subconscious was just gnawing on the problem in such a way to upset my equilibrium until it was settled. (Did that make any sense?)

Mom and Dad are out couch-shopping. Think I may pop in a MST3K DVD just 'cos I can.