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The New Duran Duran Album . . .

. . . came out today, as many of you already know.

I wore my 78-03 shirt in honor of the occasion. A couple of people remarked on it, mentioning that they were on Good Morning America this morning. (Missed it, 'cos I had to work and all.)

I got the DVD-bonus edition, of course. I listened to it while cleaning my room. I tend to clean when I'm listening to albums for the first time, because it's an activity that keeps one part of my brain occupied while leaving the rest of it available to process the music.

Tracks I dig right off: "Astronaut", "Bedroom Toys", "Want You More!" and "Nice".

I'm annoyed by the reviews that are tagging it at 80s music revived. Actually, it sort of pinches another nerve of mine. I ranted about it in a private space. An excerpt follows:

I guess what I'm still pissed off about is the way CERTAIN people (inside and outside the band) are sweeping the Warren Cuccurullo years under the rug. Remember the 90's? We were just kidding! Fuck that shit. Don't tell me that the band I followed for all these years wasn't "the real thing". I fucking LIKED what they DID, damnit. I'm still coming to terms with this full-circle mutation. I guess I wouldn't feel so bad about it if they'd just acknowledge Warren's role in holding the band together all these years. For giving them a couple of hit songs, too. I know it doesn't look good in the numbers, but, y'know, FUCK the numbers. Nick Drake didn't have any hit songs until he was DEAD. Does that invalidate what he did? Frankly, a lot of my favorite bands didn't have any hit songs--The Tender Idols, The Changelings, even Japan (on this end of the ocean.) Does that mean they sucked? Fuck you. I have stood by this band for many years of my life, in the face of ridicule and contempt, and now I'm being told that a number of those years don't count. Fuck. You.

Still, I think this album will grow on me, especially when I see some of these songs played live. We'll see if I'm able to travel to see them; word on the street is the Jingle Jam show is the only Atlanta gig they're going to do this tour. Damn.


Oct. 15th, 2004 06:33 am (UTC)
It's been interesting. You're always such a great diplomat over there. :)
Oct. 15th, 2004 07:37 am (UTC)
You're always such a great diplomat over there.

I guess it comes with being a middle child. Or something. I'm just glad it hasn't devolved into a massive flame war.