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Yay for soup!

After a long stretch of leftovers, restaurant meals and delivery pizza, I actually cooked something today! I pulled a recipe for baked potato soup off of the web and put it to use. It's finally getting cool outside, so it was a good day for soup. The results were at least edible and, once I added enough salt, quite tasty. Needs a little something, though. I may experiment with other seasonings to see if I can jazz it up. I have enough left over to last me a couple of days, too.

I have a huge mental block on writing, I think because I'm reaching the point where once I get started I won't be able stop for long stretches and I keep tripping over things I have to do. My weekend has finally arrived, so we'll see if I can get those long stretches to work with.

Thinking about going out to the Stomp and Stammer anniversary party at the 10 High. I borrowed a book from work I want to finish, so we'll see.