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Journal meme

Don't worry, you don't have to reply to this one, but you're free to borrow it and apply it to your own journal, as I have borrowed it from azewewish.

My journal name is: The Original Wonderbink. I'm not sure what a wonderbink is, either, the word just kind of came to me when I was looking for a way to obscure my surname from the email lists I'm on. I like the way it starts sounding like a superhero and ends with a silly noise.

My journal title is: The Day-to-Day Doings of Cyanide Fish. Which is pretty much what the thing is. See below for explanation of "Cyanide Fish" part.

My subtitle is: I don't have a subtitle. I should think of one.

My friends-page is called: Other People's Ramblings, which I kinda swiped from azewewish. Again, it's pretty much what the thing is.

My username is: cyanidefish, which is the name I use on Duranly-related messageboards about the internet. It's from a page in the '93 tourbook, being the title of a bizarre cut-and-paste piece that Nick did. It's probably the same place where TV Mania got their name. It's on the front page of my website, if you'd like to see it.

My default icon is: Clipped and modified from a page of another Duran Duran tourbook (I'm drawing a blank on exactly which one, except that it's circa Pop Trash). It's Nick's eye. There's a gash of a white line in the original, but a little tweaking in PhotoShop made it all better. I've also used it as an icon on AIM and EZBoard, though I'm not using it right now there. I may revert to it later, though.