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First day at the Carlos Museum. Sundays are busy days, big surprise. They stuck me in the Classical Antiquities room and told me to keep people from touching stuff and using flash photography. You'd think people would know not to do these things and you'd be wrong. In particular, there was this carved Roman sarcophagus that just seemed to fascinate the touchy-feely types. The words "Please Do Not Touch" appear at FOUR different places around it, but apparently not everybody reads. One guy was actually LEANING on the thing while reading the little description of it. Sheesh. Well, hey, it gave me something to do. Other than that, there wasn't much on the agenda but to pace around while keeping an eye on stuff. We're not allowed to sit down if there are patrons about, so I was on my feet for most of the day. It did give me at least some time to look over the stuff in the museum and it was pretty interesting, even it all the marble statuary was either bodies without heads or heads without bodies. ("So why does it look like a bunch of naked, decapitated people?" as Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes once asked.)

Moving day tomorrow. I have absolutely no notion how much help I'm going to have; my brother's doing the recruiting. At any rate, I've cleared most of the loose stuff out and it's down pretty much to furniture. I should probably do one last going-over before tomorrow, but I'm feeling lazy and may not actually do it. Probably waste time on the internet instead. Like now. ;)