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And How Was Your Weekend?

Friday: Cleaned house. Good Friday services. The Woggles, The Four Shames and Boss Martians at the EARL. Rock 'n' Roll when I needed it the most.

Saturday: Shopping. Thrift shops and discount stores. Sparkly pants, sensible pants, groovy pants and a sharp suit. Nothing over 30 dollars. Pizza and a huge Pepsi at Savage Pizza. Rent Heavenly Creatures but don't watch it. Reread Laurell K. Hamilton books instead.

Sunday: Easter Morning. Mass with two baptisms. Wear the sharp suit. Eggs Benedict brunch. Lots of nap. Ham for dinner. Chocolate bunny for dessert.


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Apr. 20th, 2003 04:44 pm (UTC)
hrm lets see
Friday: ran and tweaked out knee. Was pissy but pretended not to be cos boyfriend went out with friends and stayed the night at friends so he wouldn't be drinking and driving. Only pissy cos I wanted him home, not pissy cos of his good judgement.

Saturday: picked up his kids for early Easter, got new spiffy stuff from garage sale (boyfriend has good taste), had Easter dinner: turkey (hate ham), mashed potatoes, green bean casserole. Went for drive, let 15 year old practice her driving. Very good!

Sunday: took his kids home, dropped off surprise card in his truck (he was working), came home, had my kids come home from their spring break with their dad, boyfriend and ex meet for first time, I remain highly amused.

good weekend for the most part!
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