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Hooray for shoes!

So I'm trying to get back into the exercising regularly thing and my sneakers got worn to oblivion so I needed some new athletic-type thingys to put on my feet. Mom had offered to buy me a new pair as a Christmas present so I swung by North DeKalb Mall to see about picking up some Converse or something.

I stumbled across Payless Shoe Source and decided to give them a try first, since that was the very place where I'd obtained my previous sneaks, God rest their little rubber soles. I tried on some plain white Champions, but they weren't quite right. Then I saw these babies:

They fit nicely and they were too fucking weird, so I had to have them. Unlike Converse, I run no risk of finding hipsters wearing the exact same shoes. They are so uncool it's positively adorable. And, as you can tell by the fact that they're photographed on my carpet, they're mine. They were only nine bucks, too.

One quick spree through the 99-cent store later, I meandered by my mailbox to find a holiday card from the lovely wych AND the DVD of Manos: The Hands of Fate that I'd ordered from Amazon (as previously mentioned.) I think I may watch it tonight. Just to say that I survived it. Wish me luck.