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Happy 2005!

So last night I went to the Star Bar and saw The Forty-Fives, The Woggles and Young Antiques. Much loudness, much fun. Not a bad way to bring in another year.

Before I went out, I read over my journals (here and elsewhere) and 2004 seemed to be the Year Of The False Start--several things embarked on that got stalled out for one reason or another. Maybe 2005 can be The Year Of Actually Getting Shit Done. I am, overall, in a better place than I was a year ago. My living situation hasn't changed, but my working situation has improved and gives me hope that it will continue to improve (if only by giving me better stuff to put on a resume.)

Today probably wasn't the most bang-up beginning to the year--I got home in the wee smalls of the AM, slept late, had breakfast and ended up lying back down because I had a splintering headache. I ended up falling asleep, dreaming vividly and waking up a few hours later, much to my mother's disappointment. The day wasn't a total wash, though--I went with Mom to help cook dinner at a homeless shelter. My contribution was pretty much washing and chopping vegetables and quartering oranges, but, hey, somebody had to do it. And there still is some evening left to do things like practicing bass and writing, since everybody I could possibly want to go out and see played last night. So we'll see.


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Jan. 3rd, 2005 09:24 pm (UTC)
Happy New Year, hon!!! I wanted to send you a Christmas card, but by the time I got my cards done, I was a day or so deep into my self-inflicted Unplugged Christmas/New Year Break. :)
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