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So after much procrastinating, I decided to head for the house and pack up at least a backseat's worth of stuff to transport to the homestead, with a stopover at Fellini's for some pizza. However, I barely made it to the corner before I noticed that the ride was awfully rough. I pulled over, got out and just as I'd feared, I had a flat tire. I've had enough flat tires to be quite practiced on how to handle them, so as much as I would have liked some handsome young man to drive to my rescue, I managed. Actually, a handsome young man did stop by, but just in time for me to be lowering the jack back to its folded position with the spare tire neatly mounted. He pointed his headlights at me so I could see, which was nice of him, but, like I said, just in time for the problem to already have been solved.

So much for pizza. Actually, I'm not that hungry, though I may scramble myself an egg if that changes. I guess I'll go back to wasting my time on the internet.