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This is from 99X's website:

This Wednesday, January 12th during the Steve Show, it's all Requests For Relief 10am-3pm. Any one who makes a donation of $100 or more to the I Am 99X Tsunami Relief Effort can tell Steve what song they want to hear! Yeah, that's right...your song will take priority over just a regular request. And Steve will do his best to play each and every one of them. Obviously, within a few parameters...here are the rules:
No songs over 7 minutes
Must meet FCC broadcast standards
Subject to availability
There are two ways to make your donation and submit your song request for 99X Requests For Relief:
Make an online donation NOW at the 99X.com Shop. Email the receipt to Steve@99X.com along with your song request.
Drop off your check of $100 or more made out to the I Am 99X Tsunami Relief Effort to the 99X studio and tell us what song you want to hear. Click here for directions...

Then tune-in to the Steve Show for 99X Requests For Relief this Wednesday!

Tomorrow, I have a day off, so I'm thinking about going to 99x and placing a copy of "Secret Oktober" in their hot little hands and get them to play it during the Retroplex.

Do tune in.