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Tires and tests

I figured that being in new surroundings would help break me out of old habits and I'd get out of bed before eleven. Ha. No such luck. Bad Fishy. No biscuit.

Anyway, I had just enough time to get my flat tire replaced before I dashed off to apply for a job at a law office. As I suspected, I was not the only applicant meeting up there at one-thirty, but it was only three other people instead of a cattle call. They gave us a job application asking for particulars on our seven previous jobs (fortunately, I'd brought my Excruciatingly Detailed Work History with me) and a test of our spelling, grammar, mathematical and proofreading skills. They also gave us three what-if situations for supervisory type positions. One involved a group of employees who were putting out work late and substandardly, another an employee who was spending too much time in non-work chit-chat and the third was the doozy. We were given the names and schedules of four employees and then the number of hours of tasks to be done (4 hours copying, 1 hour filing, etc.) Then we had to determine how we were going to distribute the workload, while still keeping the front desk covered. Well. I figured I'd work it like a logic puzzle and the first thing I did was determine how many hours of work I had to distribute and how many man hours (woman hours, actually--all the names given were female) I had to handle this with. So I totaled up all the hours of tasks. Twenty-one and a half. Then I totaled up the woman hours based on the schedules provided. (They all worked blissful hours like 8 to 2, noon to five and so on.) Twenty hours. I have to shift around twenty one and a half hours of work in twenty scheduled hours.

This is approximately what I wrote:

This is physically impossible. The amount of work totals up to twenty one and a half hours, while the number of hours scheduled is twenty. This also assumes that they can do these tasks and handle the switchboard and front desk at the same time. My solution would be to hire an additional person.

And I signed it. I've got better things to do with my time than wrestle with impossible theoretical situations. I probably won't get the job, but maybe they'll fix the test for future applicants.

Moved a carload of stuff so I now have CDs to play. My "Current Music" should have a little more variety now.