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Everything's Changing . . .

The counters have been ripped out of the kitchen to make room for shiny new ones, so we're going to be mostly eating out for the next week or so. It was a bit odd, seeing bits of the kitchen I grew up with tossed in the back of a truck like chunks of my childhood.

I just got back from a information session for an Evening At Emory course that would train me to be a paralegal in five months. Which sounds like a bit of a U-turn for me, but work with me here. I've done the bohemian thing and the grad school thing and even the corporate-flush-with-IPO-money thing. I think it's high time I learned to do something useful. And it does appear to be the kind of work my analytical mind would thrive on.

Strange as it may seem, it does feel a bit like the universe is throwing me a line for me to grab. I am at least going to sleep on it before saying for certain, but I think I probably will sign up. (Taking out an educational loan from the Bank Of Mom And Dad.)

So if you see a little less of me in internet-land from about mid-March onward, that would be why.