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Things I Learned This Weekend

1. Eddie Izzard makes a fabulous roadtrip companion.

2. Distant seats one night make you appreciate better seats the next.

3. Saving a buck by ordering a double is a stupid thing to do, and even stupider when done more than once.

4. Driving to Jacksonville from Tampa with a hangover is no fun.

5. John Taylor is apparently "one you don't compromise."

6. That anime thing they play on the screens during "Careless Memories" gets funnier every time I see it.

7. The Astronaut bus actually looks pretty groovy up close.

8. Duranies can be some of the dearest friends you could ask for.

9. String cheese is not universal to convenience stores (but, darnit, it should be.)

10. It is possible to see Duran Duran play twice, not waste any time chasing them down otherwise, and leave satisfied.