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Lazy Sunday

This is the time of year when Nature begins to awake from the sleep of winter . . . and keeps hitting the snooze alarm. After a week of rather nice weather, we're back to cold and rainy misery. I spent most of today curled up under my nap blanket.

Friday I learned that Eats is open at 11:00 AM, which means I can have lunch there on my usual lunch hour. This makes me very happy. Eats is a kinda no-frills restaurant where musicians work. Pick a pasta, pick a sauce, they boil the pasta and throw on the sauce. They also have jerk chicken and stuff, but I've never sampled that end of the menu. It's pretty good and comparatively cheap. And they cut their lemon wedges nice and thick so I can fix myself a proper lemon Coke.

Friday night I went to visit Angela and we ate popcorn, drank blackberry merlot and watched my Definite Article DVD. Much fun. It was an ideal evening for both of us--she got to stay home and relax and I got out of the house.

Saturday was a bit of a wash. Did a bit around the house, planned to see Y.O.U. at the Star Bar but ended up sacking out on the couch like I will sometimes wind up doing. Sigh.

Mom and Dad have given me an ultimatum--the boxes of crap in the middle of the basement have to be moved by the time I leave for Vegas in March. I've gotten the filing cabinets out of the way, which is a plus. Now I just have to tackle the rest of it.

I think I want to paint my nails sometime when I've got time to let them dry.