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Good things can spring from drama . . .

Back when Duran was scheduled to play Atlanta for a Christmas show in December, there was a gal on the Duranie boards who pissed and moaned about how poor she was after her grandmother's funeral and gosh, she so wished she could go. (I personally found it a bit disturbing that she seemed to do more venting about the financial inconvenience of the funeral than she did about the fact that her grandmother was dead.) A bunch of Duranies banded together to buy her a ticket to shut her up. She went to Atlanta and apparently managed to piss off the people who hosted her with her self-centered behavior. Much she-said-she-saiding on the boards ensued, and various people who she'd managed to annoy over the years could not resist climbing in to make a few digs here and there. If it had been in LJ, it would definitely make LJDrama.

Things eventually died down, but resentment, it seems, still simmered.

So same Drama Queen who shall remain nameless sent out a mass email to everybody in her address book asking for donations so her kid could go to some kind of camp thing with her church. Somebody she sent it to posted it on the dd.com board with a "can you believe this shit?"

Unlike the last time, when many people argued that good deeds should not have gratitude as a requirement, people were pretty much in agreement that this was a pretty tacky thing to do. People started up joking "Well, gosh, I'D like some money so I can get a manicure. Who wants to donate to ME?" type threads in response.

I started this:

Say, if you DO have some spare money lying about . . .

registered: 10/20/2000 11:40
posts: 656
Why not donate it HERE?
Wes Wehmiller’s family and Berklee College of Music have established The Wes Wehmiller Memorial Scholarship. Donations can be sent to Berklee College of Music (Office of Institutional Advancement), 1140 Boylston St., Boston MA 02215. Checks should be made out to Berklee College of Music, with a memo for the Wes Wehmiller Memorial Scholarship.

This way, we can send people to SCHOOL. Kinda like a rock 'n' roll camp, if you think about it.


And just to put my money where my mouth was, I wrote a check for $50 and it's ready to be mailed in the morning. Somebody else has put up $25. That might be the beginning and the end of it, but, hey. So even silly internet drama can lead to a little something useful.


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Mar. 18th, 2005 03:34 am (UTC)
She is such a fucking skank. *rolls eyes*

But I love the Wes fund. *smiles* Count me in.
Mar. 18th, 2005 03:37 am (UTC)
oh that was most evil...

i will have to find that thread to read.

Berklee is one of the best damn music schools in the country. I studied at the NEC and Longy, but if I were a kid again, I would've gone to Berklee to study Jazz.

Damn fine school.
Mar. 18th, 2005 03:46 am (UTC)
Good call!
Mar. 18th, 2005 04:51 am (UTC)
I couldn't resist...

And the Lord Spoketh Upon Duranies and Saith...

I Will Send My Son Down Unto Thee, and Thy Will Accept Him As Your Saviour. You Will Also Set Up Summer Camps, In His Name, As The Son Of God Also Spent His Summers At Camp YeshivaYouYeshivaMe, And He Had A Very Good Time Playing Spin the Dreidl, And Dressing Like An Indian.

However, Saith The Lord, There Are Many Many Children in This World, Who Are Not Allowed To Parkake Of This Great Spiritual Activity, As Their Mothers Do Not Know To Find Summer Camps Cheaper Than $200, Which BTW Is Probably How Much It Would Cost To Get A Nice Ticket For Chicago And A Tour Booklet, But Not Like I'm Saying Anything Like That, But Since I Am The Lord God, You Can't Do Sh** About If I Did.

So The Lord Commandeth All Yu Suckah DOoranies To Puteth Aside Your Hatred For Your Fellow Man (or Just One Particular Female) And Pony Up The Cash Needed So that She May Go To Duran Shows...Oh, Excuseth Me, Summer Camp.

This Mass Has Ended, Now Go To Pieces.
Mar. 18th, 2005 02:36 pm (UTC)
Good for you, Sheila!
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